Really Carmen?! Nas’ Baby Mama, Accuses Him of Misrepresenting Their Daughter

April 29, 2012 | by Staff

Although Nas apparently took responsibility for not playing a more prominent role in Destiny, his daughter’s life on a new record, his baby mama, Carmen Bryan had a lot to say on twitter about about the song Daughters (hear it below). What Carmen failed to mentioned on twitter and based on what she admitted to in her book is that she’s not a wifeytype, far from it. So, it is no secret that she didn’t set a positive example for her daughter to follow. Yet another reason why we don’t judge young girls is that sometimes they do get it from their mama. Destiny had once tweeted out a pic of condoms, it could be a sign that unlike her mother who wrote about having unprotected sex with multiple partners and having several abortions, is trying to the right thing and just went about it in the wrong manner.

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