Rielle Hunter, John Edward’s Mistress, Doesn’t Really Know Her Role

June 28, 2012 | by Staff

Rielle Hunter saying that she and John Edwards are no longer a couple is surprising in that mistresses aren’t defined as being in a relationship of the same sort with John. And while she could have transitioned to being more than John Edward’s mistress, she ruined that opportunity by writing a cheap book dogging the man’s dead wife. Rielle doesn’t appear to know what her role was and what she did wrong and the ladies of The View and Whoopi Goldberg in particular schooled her trifling ass:
“I got to say this . . . in your book, you trash a dead lady whose husband you had an affair, and a baby, with. Did it not occur to you that maybe that might not be the right tone to take, particularly if you’re trying to get people to see you as part of this sort of new couple? I mean, it’s kind of a [lousy] thing to do!”
“I wrote the book to tell the truth,” Rielle replied.
Whoopi responded: “Yeah, but you could have the truth and know it, but to then put it out there, it makes you look bad. It makes you look schemey and kind of heartless.”


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